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Griffin Ranger: A Novel


By a friend of mine!  


This exquisitely, scrumptiously detailed Library Cake was made by Kathy Knaus. One side features the entrance to the brick library building, flanked by potted plants. The other side reveals the library’s cozy interior, complete with countless books lining its double-decker shelves, a large globe, and a wonderfully cluttered reading table accented with gum drop lamps.

Libraries are awesome places and cake is one of the best things ever, so this sweet, edible library is extra-mega-super-duper awesome.

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Filthy 17th-Century Sex Manual Surfaces On Google Books










oh my good I looked this up on google books and it is an effing goldmine

You’re Welcome.


You might also be interested in: Aristotle’s Master piece, not actually written by Aristotle.

See also: Ars Amatoria by Ovid. I’m sure you can find plently translations for struggling Latin students on the web.

We were actually required to read a translation of Ars Amatoria for a medieval lit class in undergrad. Ovid was a dirty, dirty boy.

I got to read some of it for Latin as well! This was my first poetry reading.
I have to ask, but in what sense is Ovid medieval? O.o

Well he wasn’t, but the classic Greek and Roman authors were highly prized as the epitome of writing and philosophy during the medieval era. Most people had some familiarity with Ovid’s work and if memory serves I think it had some influence on courtly love? It’s been 8 years since I took that course. O.o

Our professor also told us that part of why Greek and Roman writing was so respected is that many considered those civilizations to be the peak of human greatness and morality (ha!). All successive civilizations and advancements would not be able to compare and we’ve been in a long, slow moral decline since then. Which I can’t exactly deny to an extent! :x

konguloarkonan probably has some good insight as well on why Ovid was so popular. :)

My insight is that a lot of medieval popular literature was Ovid fanfiction. Seriously, read the Ars and then read Chaucer. Hell, read the Ars and then read clerical texts on women and love. You’ll notice some overlap. Read the Metamorphoses, Ibis, the Fasti, the Tristia, and then take a casual jaunt through a random chivalric romance or a drama or even a long letter from an aristocrat. You will find Ovid lurking around the letters - even if he’s not explicitly quoted, the echoes of his form, his advice, his versions of tales will all be there.

So no, Ovid’s not medieval, but a lot of people in the medieval period picked up his corpse and hugged it tight to their chest and shouted “THIS IS MINE NOW”

(Source: bbook)

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