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Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at

Check it out! The good folks dropped me a line about this project last week, and I’m happy to boost for Library Week.

Signal boost

oh my gosh i want that stamped tee

Libraries are awesome and deserve all the help they can get!

I shared the general bookstore station here a few days ago.  Mom minds the shop Saturday mornings and she has slightly different music tastes than I do, so has her own Pandora station set up.  which is mostly folk music, 1950s rock, and then there’s Hevisaurus… yes that’s a Finnish dinosaur metal band. She also really likes Sisters of Mercy.

My mother is weird, but in a good way. That or she’s ruining all your favs. 

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